What does it mean when a contractor is licensed, bonded, insured and union?

When a contractor is licensed, it means they have passed the requirements in the State of Kansas to be a licensed contractor.  For instance, this may include obtaining a “Kansas Plumbing” license and the “Kansas Plumbing Contractors” license.  This lengthy process includes knowing plumbing code, as well as on-the-job training and class work, which takes five (5) years to accomplish.

Bonded can refer to two things: a bonding company agrees to guarantee that job to be finished if the contractor is for some reason unable to complete. Also, “bonding” guarantees that the company is certain that the contractor’s employees are trustworthy and of good character.

Insured means simply that the contractor has insurance. This covers property in case of fire or flood and verifies that the contractor has worker’s compensation insurance.

Union contractors belong to a union or hire union workers. They have literally hundreds of hours of training experience and customer satisfaction is assured.

What are the advantages of using a union contractor?

Expertise. All UA Plumbers and pipefitters are equipped with extensive training and knowledge about their craft. Starting with a five-year apprenticeship program, tradesmen and women receive training in both the classroom and in the field. All UA apprentices receive a strong general education in the trade, with core courses in basics such as mathematics, science, drafting, and other pipe trades related courses. Later in the program, apprentices choose a specific path to follow, to be trained as a journeyman plumber, pipefitter, welder, or HVACR Technician.

UA Plumbers and pipefitters also have access to the many continuing education resources offered by the UA. From publications and training courses to community college and technical programs, the UA spends $200 million annually training its apprentices and members to deliver the highest quality work available.

The time and money the UA invests in each member guarantees you that the UA plumber you hire will have the most up to date knowledge and training available. UA members take pride in their craft and strive to deliver the highest quality work on every project.

ReliabilityUA members not only receive extensive technical training, but they are held to a higher standard of business practices. The UA Standards for Excellence policy establishes strict workplace standards for both UA members and contractors, ensuring safe, efficient work practices and customer satisfaction on the jobs performed by our signatory contractors for their customers. Contractors and plumbers not associated with the UA are not held to these high standards and offer no guarantee of the credentials and ethical standards of the servicemen. Too often, community members have been left with incomplete or low quality work by the non-UA serviceman they chose. By hiring UA members, you can be assured that your project will be completed honestly, by a well-trained technician dedicated to the craft.

Periodically, all tradesmen, both Journeymen and Apprentices, belonging to this union are required to pass alcohol and drug-testing.

Sustainability. The UA offers its members training in sustainability practices and the implementation of sustainable products and systems in residential and commercial structures. In addition to its extensive skills training programs, the UA has trained instructors to certify members in Green Systems Awareness. The UA Green Systems Awareness program has recently been recognized by the United States Green Building Council’s Educational Provider Program. In accordance with the USGBC, the program offers courses at all learning levels to supplement USGBC’s core educational offerings and has been thoroughly reviewed to meet the USGBC’s criteria for instructional design and content quality.

Contractors Association

Plumbers and Pipefitters of Southeast Kansas
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Topeka-Lawrence Contractors Association
MCAK—- Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas
PO Box 3857
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Phone:(785) 422-7899
Contact: Colton J. Gibson, Administrator
Phone: (913) 904-4130

Wichita Contractors Association
MSM—Mechanical and Sheet Metal Contractors
424 NW 150th Ct
Edmond,  OK  73013-2462
Phone: (316) 941-9108
Fax: (316) 941-3675
Chapter Manager: David Finley


We have several offices in Kansas. Our main office is 529 S Anna St, Wichita, KS 67209. Our phone number is (316) 265-4291 and our fax number is (316) 265-5731

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