Congratulations goes out to the delegates elected by the membership to represent Local 441 at the upcoming 40th UA Convention. At the February 8th Union meeting there were 24 eligible members nominated to fill the 14 elected delegate positions available. The 14 Delegates were elected by secret mail ballots which were counted on April 14, 2021.  These members will represent Local 441 at the 2021 Convention.  Local 441 is entitled to a total of 15 delegates. Those elected in descending order:  Steve Watson, Andy Tipton, Matt Wingert, Nick Rhodes, Russel, Ridgeway, John Clark, Kent Wingert, Richard Watson, Mike Thomas, Mike Wannow, Chris Neel, Mike Wolownik, Jesse Kealy, and Brandon Kearney.  Alternates are Kirk Stoddard, Damian Plante, and Jacob Parks.   Business Manager Brian Burnett serves as the 15th Delegate by virtue of his office.

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